Private detective

Private detective

Private detective services

  • • Economic intelligence and counterintelligence;
  • • Anti-Hacker service, etc.;
  • • Providing urgent ‘night’ assistance in dealing with conflict situations with the Internal Ministry authorities;
  • • Gathering evidence and finding witnesses in favour of the accused and victim;
  • • Providing assistance to the imprisoned people;
  • • Establishing the fact of marital infidelity;
  • • Handwriting comparison and DNA testing, paternity testing;
  • • Polygraph (lie detector) testing;
  • • Providing assistance in identifying the location of property or person;
  • • Providing assistance in identifying the location of missing people;
  • • Providing assistance in identifying the location of alimony payers within the territory of Ukraine and abroad;
  • • Providing assistance with medical examination issues;
  • • Providing assistance with disability assessment issues;
  • • Providing assistance and consulting services in finding different data bases;
  • • Providing assistance to an attorney in gathering information and evidences;
  • • Non-standard services and confidential commissions;
  • • Negotiations under a commission and prevention of possible provocations;
  • • Difficult Child and His/Her Company service;
  • • Clean Office without Bugs service;
  • • Life without Drugs service;
  • • Marriage Contract: Peculiarities and Tips;
  • • Assisting in and facilitating out-of-court and pre-court conciliations
    … and a host of other services

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